About us

The SYNOT Group is an international, respected structure of companies operating in 13 countries worldwide and employing approximately 3 000 people. In terms of their business activities, individual companies operate in several sectors, particularly gaming industry, IT sector, online solutions and support of startup projects, real estate management and reconstruction, tourism-related investments, and sale of premium segment vehicles (BMW). Furthermore, the SYNOT group has been a long-time supporter of sports and the nonprofit sector within individual countries of its operation. For example, it is the title partner (sponsor) of the top football league in the Czech Republic, called SYNOT LIGA. Through the “Nadace SYNOT” foundation, it has supported thousands of publicly beneficial projects, distributing hundreds of millions of Czech crowns overall. This concerns projects and entities in the area of healthcare, social sector, culture, sports, and education.

Moreover, it supports leisure activities; for example, it has developed a modern ski resort, bikepark, etc. The top management of parent companies that is in charge of strategic management and cross-functional business management is based in Cyprus. Highly qualified directors, with long-term international business experience, manage the entire group through the company WCV WORLD CAPITAL VENTURES CYPRUS LIMITED. They monitor and indicate international investment opportunities, coordinate investments of individual companies in different countries of the world, and provide such companies with strategic, economic, and financial consulting. WCV WORLD CAPITAL VENTURES CYPRUS LIMITED also drafts methodology and strategic plans for the development of its subsidiaries and provides consultations with regard to the promotion of new opportunities, launch of new products, or entry to new foreign markets.

The dominant sector for the SYNOT group companies in many global destinations is the gaming industry and supply of state-of the-art IT technology, software solutions, and gaming devices. In the sector, individual companies have at their disposal top international knowhow, not only in the area of technology and business, but also in the area of legislation, finance, and marketing. At the same time, they cooperate with leading global suppliers. Individual companies of the SYNOT group operate in, for example, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Greek, Poland, Latvia, Albania, Kosovo, and many other countries of Europe, North Africa and Asia, with expansion planned to other countries and continents.